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EMA 75 – Chief Keef Wants Exclusive Beats, ILoveMakonnen Loses Weight and Drake Drops Views

In this episode (recorded in Brooklyn, NY) we take a look at the issue Chief Keef had with Zaytoven. Keef doesn’t appreciate Zaytoven giving the same beats to multiple artists. He wants exclusivity. We try to figure out if Keef’s beef is valid. Pause.

So ILoveMakonnen, Mr. Going up on a Tuesday, thinks his weight has played a factor in the amount of marketing he received. He claims that when he was chubby, OVO would promote him. However, when he lost the weight, he said they didnt like that. He said that has to do with why he left. Anyway, we try to figure out how big of a role does your physical image play in your music career.

These days in hip hop, when a major artist drops a new album, there are immediate talks of whether it’s a “classic” or not. We didn’t necessarily want to go down that road, but instead we ask this question of his whole catalogue.

Tune in to hear the foolishness.