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EMA 74 – Birdman Goes to Breakfast, Jay-Z Lowballs Weezy and Beyonce’s Fed Up

The interview heard ’round the world at NY’s Breakfast Club morning show has been the topic of discussion for the past few days. There’s NO way we couldn’t talk about it. But you know how we do…we attack it from a different angle. We asked if the aggressive style interview is unprofessional or warranted.

Did you hear the story about Jay offering Wayne only 175K to get down with Rocafella? Well, tune in to hear our thoughts on this.

If Baby was the interview heard ’round the world, then Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album contains the shots heard ’round the world. By now, you’ve obviously heard about the ridiculously controversial lyrics on the album. J-Boss asked if we felt Beyonce owed it to her fans to open up about her personal life.

We were joined by a guest this episode. Friend of the show, Ayisha. We needed her to help us talk about the Beyonce joint.

Don’t forget, #GAF and #YOTW are back..

Tune in to hear it all.