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EMA 70 – J. Cole Says Artists Aren’t Happy, Vince Staples Prepares For Life After Rap And Kat Williams Snuffs A Little Kid

In this Episode of the show, we spoke about a #tbt video that HipHop DX posted. J. Cole is in the video talking about work-life balance. We gave our comments on whether or not that’s actually possible.

Vince Staples got interviewed while at #SXSW recently and he mentioned preparing for life after his time in the game. J-Boss asked us how early should an artist prepare for life after the limelight.

In our last news topic, we talked about the foolishness that’s been going on with Kat Williams. Was he right? or was he wrong for what he did?

Of course we have #GAF and #YOTW per usual.

Tune in to hear it all.