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EMA 64 – Uncle Murda Ready For War, Peter Gunz Can’t Give Advice About Cheating Boyfriends and Ab Soul is Tired of Riding the Bench

Yo, another installment for that ass.

This week we talk about the GREATEST rapper of all time…Uncle Murda. He apparently thinks it’s ok to inject himself into others’ beef…pause.

Next up was Peter Gunz. He’s an old school rapper that can attribute his fame today to a reality show. He says he can’t give advice to his daughter about cheating boyfriends because he’s a dirtbag himself.

Lastly, J-Boss asks us how long is TOO long to be ridin’ the bench on a team. This is Ab-Soul and TDE’s situation.

Tune in to hear all the fu*kry…in other words #pressPlayLikePuff