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EMA 62 – Amber vs Kanye, White Mike and Jermaine Dupri Says You Need People Like Him

Yo, what’s goodington. Another week in the bag, playboi.

So yo, after that psycho meltdown by your mans and them, we had no choice but to talk about it. However, that shit happened LAST Wednesday, so by the time we got to  it, we couldn’t just come with the same shit you been hearing all week. As everyone knows, when it all went down, Amber swept in with the swiftness to defend her ex, Wiz. This prompted us to ask…”should Ex’s feel the need to defend one another and to what extent?”

Also, by now I know you’ve heard of Joseph Fiennes. He’s the white guy who’s been cast to play Michael Jackson in the upcoming movie, Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon. As you can imagine, people are up in arms about it. We asked if Mike were alive, would he be OK with being portrayed by a white guy in a movie.

Jermaine Dupri did an interview the other day with Ebro on Hot 97 in NY. During that interview, he said that the industry still needs guys like him to play “quarterback”. We try to figure out what validity, if any, does his statement have.