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EMA 59 – VH1’s The Breaks, ASAP Wants a Regular Girl and El Chapo is Celebrated

In this show, we got a visit from our peoples Sammy aka GQ, from the Get Hip Radio podcast.

He helped us talk about VH1’s movie about hip hop, the breaks. Is the “hip hop” story becoming played out when shown on the silver screen?

After that, we talked about ASAP’s comments about wanting a regular girl vs an industry chick.

And finally, J-Boss asked us why is a guy like El Chapo being celebrated by hip hop artists?

Side Note: I had some effed up audio during this show. The audio guys were still recovering from the holidays. So try your best to ignore my issues. You’ll be better off for it. Trust me.

After the main topics, we jumped into #GAF and hooked you up with #YOTW as well.


– Big Therm