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EMA 55 – Nicki Sticks up for Herself, Boosie Drops 90K on Cancer, Chris Brown Fails

Yo, I feel like every three months I have to apologize for my behavior on the show. What can I say? I get caught up in the moment.

Anyway, we’re back this week to talk about Chris Brown’s less than stellar performance. J-Boss asks us do we put too much pressure on these artists to perform. Actually, he asked something else. Rozay decided he was gonna pull his “better question” foolishness and ask that.

We also talked about Nicki Minaj being called out by Bossip for not being a skilled enough mc. We dig deeper to find out if there’s any truth to the statement.

Last major topic was on health care. Boosie just dropped 90K on his cancer surgery. We talk about why these artists are rolling around without health insurance.

After that we roll into #GAF and #YOTW per usual playboi.