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EMA 47 – Lamar Odom, BET Boycott and EBONY Takes Shots at the Cosby Legacy

Damn…while this was yet another dope show, we needed more time on the Bill Cosby segment. That shit is just too many levels deep. Too many angles to dissect. It’s all good. We live to fight another day.

This week we talked about Lamar Odom and his woes. We asked should we sympathize with him even though his situation is self-inflicted. Then we talked about the BET Awards’ viewership plummeting. Can we express anger that BET didn’t cover the Justice Or Else march, but still watch and enjoy the awards?

And lastly, like I mentioned above, we talked about the Bill Cosby situation because Ebony’s November issue looks like this:


#GAF is back, per usual. As is #YOTW, except it’s growing. We’ve added something new to it. Tune in to find out what the eff I’m talmbout playboi.