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Drake Times Three


In the midst of recording his next album, Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham decided he was going to take to the internet and release three new joints that he “knew some hackers had”. How he knew this? I don’t know, but whatever. The three songs are ‘Heat of the Moment’, ‘6 God’ and ‘How Bout Now’. My dude Jboss said I should give them all the once over and share my thoughts.

Now listen, before I give my opinion, I need to be very clear. I’m not a fan of Drakes…HOWEVER…I respect him and I ALWAYS give him props when I happen to hear a banger from him. When I say I’m not a fan, it just means I don’t actively seek the guy out. I’ll typically wait for someone to say “yo, go listen to that Drake shit”. No slight towards him, his style of music just isn’t my speed. Figgadeals me?


First on the chopping block is Heat of the Moment. I’m going to pause here and go listen. You can do the same here:



So, he starts with some lines about school kids, rappers “we don’t need anymore” and cops at doughnut shops. I’m all in… up until he goes in with the singing. #ThisTheShitIBeTalmbout… I can’t call one of my dudes like “oh shit son, you gotta hear this new Drake” when I’m bumpin’ this. It’s the problem I have with most of his music. I can’t call one of my dudes and tell them to listen. I can’t turn this shit up at ignorant levels and ride out. I can’t put this shit on in the gym and get hyped. I just can’t…


My pre-listen thoughts immediately say “wtf”, because I have NO idea wtf this title means or relates to. Hopefully it’s something interesting. I’ll be back…



I liked the way this one started. The beat was hittin’ and Drake started talkin’ his shit. Whoever he’s addressing might definitely feel some type a way when they hear this. I’m still on the fence, but I think I might need to give this the car test. Right now, in the headphones, it’s cool. I’ll figure out replay value in the whip tomorrow.


I saw the hashtag #howboutnow in a few forums and had no idea what it referred to. I guess that mystery has been solved as of now.  Let me dive in and see what’s going on here…



This song had everything… The beat is potent product, the lyrics are on point and it’s catchy. With all that, it still seems like a throwaway joint. Almost like a bonus track or mixtape track. Maybe it was incomplete? Idk. I’m gonna give this the car test too. After that, I’ll hopefully have better things to say.