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EMA 20 – Drake and Madonna, Bieber and Ariana, Nelly and Crystal(meth)

drake and madonna

Yo, Big Werm here, and lemme just say, I love doing this show. It’s cool to see the audience growing and people embracing what we’re doing. I have NO idea what the future holds, I’m just enjoying the ride. pause

Check it out, this week we talked about the foolishness that went down with Drake and Madonna. Was the kiss staged or what? From that, we came up with an idea to rank the top 10 women over 40. All three of us will come up with our own top ten, bring them to the round table, then filter them down from there to get the definite top 10. Be on the lookout for that soon. Matta’ fact, if you have suggestions, hit me on Twitter.

We also got into the Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande on-stage giration situation. We gave our thoughts on whether or not we would be OK with our girls doing that.

And finally, we talked about the debacle that is Nelly and all the shit he got caught with on his tour bus.

Of course, YOTW is back (I asked for a favor during the segment that’ll help the show out) and so is GAF.



John Singleton is OUT on Tupac biopic


Social Media Shoutouts

@BSykD <—I said this incorrectly during the show. I pronounced it “Sky-D” instead of “Sykd”.  My bad.










Drake and Madonna kiss

Arianna Grande and Bieber too close?

Nelly got arrested

This is what a gold plated desert looks like

gold plated desert


Jaden smith seen wearing a skirt

Kanye jumps into water during performance (hilarious)

Killa Crunch in stores now


Game posts tbt of him and 50

game 50 tbt

Young Thug naked on the cover of the carter 6 (now called Barter 6)

DMX accused of robbing 21 yr old

Drake announces tour with Future

Palcohol approved by food and drug administration

Obama in Jamaica

Key & Peele Obama smoking weed skit

Destiny child’s can’t get back together because of Matthew


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

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