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EMA 46 – Weezy On Film, Young Chop’s Issues With Kanye, Azealia Banks Talking Shiz Again

  • EMA 46 - Weezy On Film, Young Chop's Issues With Kanye, Azealia Banks Talking Shiz Again


Holy shit what a good time…

Peep. Lil Wayne apparently had a sex tape leak. When that happened, Karrine Steffens aka Superhead, clowned Weezy about not taking care of her womanly needs properly. Anyway, we had Kanika (a friend of the show) come on and help us answer the question: Can a woman still love a man even if he can’t beat it up right?

After that, we talked about Young Chop. He called out Kanye for stealing material. J-Boss asked us can a big dog artist stealing from a lil dog artist ever work out in favor for the lil dog artist.

The last major topic we discussed was about Nicki’s little tiff with Miley Cyrus. We questioned if Nicki carefully chooses her battles. In other words, does she only go after people she knows she’ll beat. Sit in with us as we talk it through.

#GAF and #YOTW (see below) are back per usual, my g.

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Young Chop calls out Kanye

Superhead reacts to Wayne’s sex tape


#GAF (Give A F*ck)

Wiz gets busted for taking a wiz outside a popular bar in his hometown of Pittsburgh! Do you GAF?

 After being honored at the BET Hip Hop awards by receiving the “I AM HIPHOP” award Houston legend Scarface is arrested due to outstanding warrants for unpaid child support. Do you Gaf?

Young Thug apologizes to Minister Farrakhan for missing the Justice or Else march. Do you Gaf?

Dame loses Child Custody case to Ex wife Rachel Roy due to Dame’s alleged Marijuana Habits. Do you GAF?

Former Teammates Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher get into a Physical Altercation after Barnes goes to visit his Kids and sees Fisher posted up in his Ex wifes House. Do u GAF?

Dej Loaf and Lil Durk confirm they are dating via Instagram with Emoji hearts and Smiley faces , Durk tweets “They Say we an Item, Next Big HipHop couple”. Do u GAF?

MissInfo has resigned from New Yorks Hot 97 radio station after a 10 year run. Do u GAF


Rhianna States that NCAAP  leader Rachel Dolezal should be looked upon as somewhat of a hero. She asks: “Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be black? Black is a great thing, and I think she legit changed people’s perspective a bit and woke people up.” During her Vanity Fair interview. Do we GAF?

Matthew Knowles .. Father Of King Beyonce has reportedly started his own Boot camp for young aspiring Singers , dancers and producers with Dreams of becoming the Next Sasha Fierce . The Beyonce 101 classes will have a general admission price of $299. Do we GAF?


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)


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