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The Truth About Food Addiction…w/ Dr. Vera Tarman

  • The Truth About Food Addiction...w/ Dr. Vera Tarman


I spoke to the author of the book, ‘Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction’. If you struggle with food and/or your weight, listen to this episode.

More about our guest:

Dr Vera Tarman has worked in the field of addiction medicine since 1992. She has been the Medical Director of Renascent, Canada’s largest treatment center, since 2006. Dr Tarman is one of the first clinicians working in food addiction in Canada and ran the first three week inpatient treatment program in food addiction last year. She is the author of Food Junkies: the Truth about Food Addiction.

She is also a recovering food addict, with a sustained 100 pound weight loss of over ten years.
Find her on Twitter: @addunplug