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Special: Kneel2Stand

  • Special: Kneel2Stand


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On November 19th 2017, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tia Goodson and Venroy July of the organization, Kneel2Stand. It’s a mission driven organization that was born out of the Colin Kaepernick protest that aims to invest time, money and resources back into the Baltimore community. On the day I met them, they were cleaning up a North East Baltimore neighborhood. I documented it to help give Tia and Venroy a platform to showcase the organization’s mission.

If you’re in the Baltimore area and you support Colin Kaepernick’s mission or you just want to support the community through your service, this episode is absolutely for you. Tune in.


Show Notes

Tia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Here’s Venroy on Instagram


This is a group shot of some of the folks that cleaned up that day


This is a shot inside the Terra Cafe

Councilwoman Shannon Sneed – She helped mobilize members of her district to come out and help with the cleanup.

The Terra Cafe’s website  and the owner Terrance Dixon cooking on TV.



This episode was narrated, written, recorded, edited and mixed by Big Therm