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Cashaun – Sordid Panties

  • Cashaun - Sordid Panties


Sordid Panties is the name of the book that I spoke to Cashaun about in this episode. It’s a story about the life of a stripper in the hip hop industry. #goodread She drops names and gets candid about her life.
Now, even though I reached out to Cashuan because I knew she was publishing this book, that’s not what made the interview interesting. It was Cashaun’s personality. She’s a cool girl with a sense of humor and some southern charm. I appreciate shit like that. So kick back and enjoy.
Yo, btw, Rozay decided he was going to join me for this interview after I told him about it. This added an extra layer of fun (pause). And ya’ll know that’s what we’re all about here. Good times, good people, good info.