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Show 4:44 : EMA 134

  • Show 4:44 : EMA 134



We had WAY too much fun this episode. It was a big week for Rozay (tune in to hear his announcement) so we popped a bottle on air to celebrate.

We dedicated the News segment to Jay-Z. We asked:
1 – Were Kanye and Jay ever really friends?
2 – Do Jay’s 4:44 revelations put chinks in his armor?
3 – Does Jay still have the ability to push the culture with his music?

After we answered those questions, we did #GAF (Give a F!ck) and #YOTW (Yuca of the Week). Tune in for all the foolishness. Use #emaradio to keep the conversation going.


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Social Media Shoutouts

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Rozay shouted himself (but he has no socials)
Big Therm shouted Dave Fresh for this tweet:


#GAF (Give a Fuck)

Physical copies of 4:44 are on the way, says Guru

Kylie and Kendel Jenner make misrespectful, high-priced and ugly t-shirts of hip hop legends

Chris Brown vs Migos at the BET Awards

Young Buck says Jay stepped on his toes with his album release

Chief Keef is now the father of a porn star’s baby

Kodak makes some disparaging remarks about dark skinned black women

Lil Kim’s goonies might have gotten her in trouble

Young Thug donates to Planned Parenthood

Rich Chigga tried to sell a goat some weed


#YOTW (Yuca of the Week)