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Does The G.O.A.T Tag Help or Hinder An Artist? EMA 152

  • Does The G.O.A.T Tag Help or Hinder An Artist? EMA 152


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There was a dope ass video from MURS (for HipHopDX) where he talked about the price of having the GOAT tag. He asked is it more of a burden or a blessing. In fact, what specifically prompted him to talk about this, was all the criticism Eminem has been receiving for his latest album, Revival.

Big Therm and Rozay (J-Boss couldn’t join us) talked about it by asking three questions.
1 – Once you reach a certain level in the game where few have been, are there no more accolades to be had? Murs thinks so. He also says it leaves the door wide open for hate.

2 – Murs said “why wouldn’t Em get the top tier talent? Because he’s “Emin fuckin em” . He’s not trying to cross over and not trying to sell units, why wouldn’t he have that “same level of talent” on the album”? We asked, what is this “same level of talent” he speaks of?

3 – MURS says we must allow the greats to trust the process that got them there. We asked….”is he right”?

Tune in for this and of course the GAF (Give a F!ck) and YOTW (Yams of the Week) and all the other fuckery going on.


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Here’s the video from Murs that we talked about:


#GAF (Give a F*ck)

We lost Combat Jack, RIP

Jim Jones’ moms house burned down

Jeezy don’t like the opioid sh!t

Joe Budden leaves Everyday Struggle

Trae tha Truth got Houston’s key to the city

HBO greenlights two new Issa shows

Puff wants to buy the Panthers

Kendrick is dropping kicks with Nike

Snoop wants to try gospel

Weezy to perform at the 2018 AVN awards


Other Sh!t We Talked About

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Miss Raquel – A beautiful Latina woman you need to be aware of (start at 7:08)

#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

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