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EMA 72 – Biggie’s Daughter T’yanna vs Puff, Beanie Sigel Fools Rocafella and Paul Wall Wants Respect for Houston

  • EMA 72 - Biggie's Daughter T'yanna vs Puff, Beanie Sigel Fools Rocafella and Paul Wall Wants Respect for Houston


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In this episode we spoke about the comments that Biggie’s daughter (T’yanna Wallace) made about Puffy (that she later retracted). She didn’t have nice things to say. J-Boss asked us if we think that Puff should be doing more for T’yanna.

Kareem “Biggs” Burke recently told Complex in an interview that when Rocafella first signed Beanie Sigel, he didn’t have anything more than a few long ass verses written. They signed him off that. “How important is raw talent when getting signed to a deal”?

Paul Wall is classifying folks who take from Houston’s scene as culture vultures. Included was “lean”. He says that those who glorify it should give credit where it’s due. We wondered should Paul want the credit for something which such a negative connotation as lean?

We also have #GAF and #YOTW of course. We also brought back the thirst comment of the week.

Tune in to hear everything, my g.



T’yanna retracts her statements to Puffy

Biggs says Beanie Sigel was signed because he had raw talent

Paul Wall wants Houston’s culture to be recognized



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