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EMA 61 – Hip Hop’s Golden Era, Forgiving R.Kelly and Meek Enrolls in College

  • EMA 61 - Hip Hop's Golden Era, Forgiving R.Kelly and Meek Enrolls in College


Top Shottas are back!! What’s good yo. Thank you for rocking with EMA for another week. It’s crazy we been doing this shit for 61 weeks. Blows my mind.

Anyway, on this week’s show, we’re talking about Erykah Badu’s comments where she claimed hip hop has gone away from it’s boom “bip” sound.

Then J.Boss asks us if it’s time to forgive R.Kelly for all his public transgressions.

Finally, because Meek made the news this week for enrolling in college, we talk about why someone in his position would do that.

Come fuck with us as we talk about these joints and give you #gaf and #yotw.



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Will hip hop ever return to that boom bap sound?

Should we forgive R.Kelly?

Meek is in college


#GAF (Give A F*ck!)

Future’s bodyguard shot and killed

Biggs released from jail

Puff and Marky Mark donate water

Common would collaborate with Michelle Obama

Iggy complains about her label

Snoop remembers quitting weed for 6 months

Christina Milian a lesbo?

Kanye releases Swish tracklist

Neyo loses the hat

Bigger the butt, smarter the girl


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)