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EMA 108 – No NYC Rappers Made Nas’ Top 5

  • EMA 108 - No NYC Rappers Made Nas’ Top 5


I liked the topics we had on this week’s show. We set it off by digging into the TI and Tiny situation. Does the potential break up hurt their brand?


Next up, we talked about Wiz signing Uzi Vert to Taylor Gang. The problem was that he was supposed to already be signed to DJ Drama. Drama voiced his issue, but did he do it too soon?


The last main topic was a goodie. We talked about the new artists that are in Nas’ top 5. None are from NY. Should he have given a spot to Nas?


After the main topics, we have a session of #GAF per usual and follow it up with your weekly dose of Yams.


Tune in to hear the Tom foolery.




– Big Therm