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EMA 101 – Lil Kim Says She’s Trapped, Amber Manicure’s Bash, T.I. And More Protest

  • EMA 101 - Lil Kim Says She's Trapped, Amber Manicure's Bash, T.I. And More Protest


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Written by Big Therm

On this week’s episode we talk about the video that was released that showed Lil’ Kim saying she felt like a Spanish girl trapped in a black girl’s body. We had a friend of the show (@manifex22) join us to talk about it.

After that, we talk about Amber Rose and her son Bash. She posted a video on IG that showed him waiting his turn to get a manicure. IG went wild. We ask, is this some attention whoring or innocent “fun” being recorded.

The last news topic is about all the protests of the Trump election. T.I and some other hip hop artists have joined in. We ask is there really a purpose behind this. Does it provide any value?

Of course #GAF (Give a F*ck) and #YOTW (Yams of the Week) are back for another week.

Sit back, chill and enjoy the episode.