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Can You “Create” A Classic…Or Does It Happen Naturally? EMA 146

  • Can You "Create" A Classic...Or Does It Happen Naturally? EMA 146


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Nicki Minaj has been in the news recently, mentioning that she wants her next album to be a classic. This got us thinking…is that even possible? Can you manufacture a classic? Or is the magic more accidental than it is on purpose?
While on the subject of Nicki, we also wondered, who out of the Young Money camp is under the most pressure to produce a classic with their next album? Is it Nicki herself? Is it Drake, who recently lost his 8 year long chart position? Or is it Weezy, who has been more popular for his legal troubles than his albums?

Tune in to hear our thoughts.


Big Therm shouted The HellMart Podcast. He said it was a dope ass audiodrama that he was listening to even though he’s not into horror.

Rozay shouted Papi Picasso


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