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Trel Mack – Bringing Cool to Lifestyle Design

  • Trel Mack - Bringing Cool to Lifestyle Design


In this week’s episode, I sit down with Trel Mack. He’s reppin’ Philly.

I fux with Trel because his music is dope and he’s a smart dude who thinks long term.

Q The Question put me on to his All I Need joint. I liked it immediately because it’s a real song for real people. I fux with the video and the beat is dope too.

In my interview with him, Trel talks about his keys to success, his clothing line, an energy drink him and his peoples created and more. I loved his rationale on how the idea for the energy drink was born.

He’s making real moves. If you want to understand what goes on in the mind of a hard worker like Trel, this interview is definitely for you, my g.