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G.W. Gras – All You Need to Know…About Women

  • G.W. Gras - All You Need to Know...About Women


Do you know how to talk to women?

If not, that’s what my guest this week (G.W. Gras) will teach you how to do in his new book: ‘All You Need to Know‘.

I co sign this book…fully. And I only co-sign shit I fully believe in.


G.W. is a fellow Bronx native, a football junkie, an avid blogger/writer and typical Twitter shit-talker. He also raps in his spare time. He’s cool as fuck and he’s had me on his show a couple times, too. Last time, we talked shit about the Bills, the BET Hip Hop awards and more.

Tune in to this episode to hear G’s take on making music, his love for big tits on white girls and why you should go pick up his book. It was dope. You’re gonna love this shit…I promise.