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10 Questions About Power – S4 E1 – When I Get Out

  • 10 Questions About Power - S4 E1 - When I Get Out


If you love the Starz hit show, Power, then you need to tune in. Big Therm and Rozay answered 10 questions about the season 4 premiere titled “When I Get Out”. Tune in to hear our thoughts. Use the hashtag #emaPower to send in questions/comments about the episode so we can read them on the next show.



1 – Could they have developed the Tariq and Kiesha storylines more?
2 – Is there a budding love interest between Kiesha and Tommy?
3 – Why did it take so long to pernt out Angela’s conflict of interest?
4 – Was the argument that John Mak made strong enough to deny Ghost’s bail?
5 – What angle is the show trying to pursue by introducing the Lawyer’s personal life?
6 – How long is Dre gonna be able to play both sides of the field?
7 – Is it in Tasha’s best interest to continue to hold ghost down?
8 – Is Tariq becoming the son K’nan never had?
9 – How long is Ghost gonna stay in jail?
10 – What did you think of the episode overall?


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