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Being A Creative Entrepreneur, With Jen from Social Media Rescue

She started her first business when she was 19 and sold it 11 years later (for a lot of money). Today she still enjoys the life of an entrepreneur as she’s on her third business, Social Media Rescue.

I’m talking about Jen, co-host of The┬áJellyVision Show Podcast. She’s also the co-founder of the D.C. area conference, D.C. Podfest. While she’s very accomplished, Jen is as down to earth as they come. We had a great conversation about business and life in general. I could’ve spoken to her for hours. No worries though, I’ll get my fix when I appear on her show in a few days. Tune in to hear how Jen built and sold her first business (a pet sitting business), what she learned from her second (a co-working space) and how she’s enjoying Social Media Rescue.