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Cholo Gosier – One Hit Away

I always like to preach to the younger heads about grinding (if they ask). One of my “go-to” sayings is “it doesn’t have to be perfect, because there’s no such thing. Just put the product out”. Cholo is living that example.

I feel like this dude is one hit away from a great future. I can just tell when I listen to the music. It’s not the best audio quality, but there’s no shame in that. Cholo will speak more about that in the interview.

I respect the shit out of his hustle because instead of saying “nah, I’m gonna get on and do my thing, but I need to find a studio” or “I need a dope producer” or “I gotta get a website” and so on, he’s bootstrapping it. And I know it’s gonna pay off for him.

I say all that to say this: NO excuses, my g. Get out there and work.