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ya mama

Recently, my kid and I were talking about school and what his day was like. He told me another kid in his class was making fun of him. I asked him what the boy’s name was, and by the time my kid had gotten that information out I had six[…]

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I’d Like to Thank

On February 15th we may or may not watch Kendrick Lamar make music history. The 58th offering of the Gramophone Awards is upon us and Hip-Hop’s and ya mama’s favorite, K.Dot, is nominated for 11 Grammys. The most for any rapper in a single night, and only second overall to[…]

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Dear Black History, What up? How have you been? I hope this note finds you in good spirits. With everything on your schedule for the month I wasn’t sure if we would get to link up. I know February is a busy month for you. This Sunday, you have the[…]

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Loud and Wrong

Below is what I penned prior to an epic, but not atypical, meltdown from our friend Ye. In good faith, I could not allow what transpired on Twitter to go unnoticed . My mother would always tell me “Don’t be loud and wrong.” If you are loud make sure you are[…]

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To Stream or Not to Stream

I bought four CD’s last week. All Prince. Yes, I could have asked a friend. Yes, I could have done the due diligence to find and illegally download some Prince, but I decided the $17.00 in total would be worth the variety of Prince I could receive in physical form[…]

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