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The Best Jay and Ross Collabos

So Rick Ross announced on Angie’s show that he’s dropping a new joint with Jay tonight (11 NOV 2014). It’s supposed to be a song off his upcoming album, Hood Billionaire. It’s dropping on NOV 24th (3 days before Thanksgiving). The name of the song is Movin’ Bass. There’s some mixed feelings about[…]

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After A Week With Stalley’s Album…

Stalley dropped last week. Since then, I’ve bumped O.H.I.O bout 33 times over. Don’t let that fool you, though. Because after those 33 rounds, I still don’t know how I feel about Stalley. Sounds stupid, but trust me. You’ll understand after I explain. Now y’all know I like to preface[…]

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Drake Times Three

In the midst of recording his next album, Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham decided he was going to take to the internet and release three new joints that he “knew some hackers had”. How he knew this? I don’t know, but whatever. The three songs are ‘Heat of the Moment’, ‘6[…]

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Update: So I Might’ve Been Wrong

So yeah, last week I predicted TI’s album was a bout to F.U.T.W. See here. Well, I listened to the album this morning while I was in the gym moving weight like Jeezy. Now, before I go into the review, let me say that before the album dropped, I wanted to[…]

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T.I.’s Album Is About To Be Hot

Yo, I just want to set the record straight right now…TI shit is gonna be stupid hot. I typically won’t try to hype an album up before it drops, but sometimes I just get that vibe. The last time I was wrong about an album was Canibus’ debut joint. I[…]

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