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EMA 41 – Cam Newton, Hip Hop Liquor and More Biopics


With football coming back this week, we decided to take a stab at the Cam Newton situation that went down on Instagram a few days ago. He took a pic with a bunch of his friends and people started to question whether he was affiliated with a gang. It was all very stupid.
Next we talked about rappers promoting something other than liquor. We talked about why there wasn’t more diversity in the products they choose to create and/or endorse.
Last major topic we discussed was pertaining to an interview Scarface did. He said he felt a biopic about his crew (Geto Boys) would be like biting the NWA joint. We dove into this, and followed it up with #gaf.
I then got back in the driver’s seat for #YOTW. I know you’ll love this one.




– Our sponsor this week is AnthonyDenise.com. They make stained and natural coasters as well as cutting boards. We all used some during the show. They’re nice.

– I did another interview this week with Simone Waugh of Say-Waugh.com. She was promoting her book Bubble Baths, Sex and Hot Chocolate.




Social Media Shout Outs

Simone Waugh (I interviewed her for our 3rd installment of the EMA Interview Series)



Cam Newton’s IG pic

Killa Cam and more teaming up with Hpnotiq (what sparked our ‘hip hop endorsing liquor’ discussion)

Scarface’s interview where he mentioned not wanting to do a biopic


#GAF (Give A Fu*K)

Fat Joe regrets not signing Eminem

Afro man is not going to jail

Ja Rule is upset that the internet got his height wrong

Kevin Gates says he kicked that female fan because she grabbed his dick

California man saved his family and his ribs from a burning apartment (click to see video)

Lil Durk tour bus shot at

Wendy Williams says Serena Williams is choosing the wrong guy (referring to Drake)

Pornhub offering scholarship

Kanye announces his presidency

El Chapo’s son might have revealed his father’s whereabouts


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

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Bonus #YamFootage

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