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ByBreezy – Making Moves in the City of Houston


So peep, I was floatin’ around Twitter the other day and I came across a girl named Breezy. She’s from Detroit, but lives in Houston and she’s building her brand (ByBreezy) as a hip hop curator. Now, you might ask “wtf is a hip hop curator”? Well, as you’ll hear in the interview, Breezy dabbles in a little bit of everything…from events to clothing to jewelry and more. She’s all about positivity and bringing unity to the community in Houston.

This is the second interview in the EMA Interview series and I had a good ass time doing it. To hear the first, click here.

So #pressPlayLikePuff to hear Breezy break down all the hashtags you’ll find on her Twitter account.


Show Notes

bybreezypresents.com | Twitter

The song Breezy wrote for Semaj Lee:

(click to view the evite)

#BALLSBYBREEZY (click to find out about Breezy’s jewelry line)

#STR8GAY (click to see Breezy’s clothing line)


#HOUSTOCK (Coming Summer 2016)