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EMA 32 – Joe Budden vs Meek, 50 Turns 40 and Sage Leaves the Stage


Joe Budden has a podcast called “I’ll Name This Podcast Later”. A few days ago, on his show, he had some choice words for Meek Mill. Meek got wind of it and there was a little back and forth on Twitter between the two. In so many words, Joe said Meek looks like a sucker when dealing with Nicki Minaj (Meek’s girlfriend). So J-Boss asked the question, Can you still be trill after falling in love?

After that we spoke about 50 Cent because he turned 40 on July 6th. He did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel where he joked about creating music that doesn’t make too much sense. In a nutshell, he said if it makes too much sense, he can’t rap about it. Because of his remarks J-Boss asked, What effect does aging have on your music?

In the third News segment, we spoke about Sage the Gemini closing down his social media accounts because he feels he’s being falsely accused of cheating on his girl, Jordin Sparks. So we get into a discussion about the gift and the curse that is social media.

Check all that out, plus #Gaf and #YOTW my g. #pressPlayLikePuff



Social Media Shouts

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Joe Budden vs. Meek Mill

50 Cent turns 40

Sage the Gemini is quitting social media  

#GAF (Give A Fu#k)

Trina says Khloe Kardashian has her sloppy seconds

Lebron James moms’ boyfriend calls out Florida

Cops called to Plies video shoot

Miguel says he makes better music than Frank Ocean

Scarface hospitalized in Houston

Waka is a new Kendrick fan

Will Smith working with Drake

Rowdy Rebel drops ‘Kevin Durant’

Brooklyn woman named oldest in the world

UCLA scientists say porn addiction isn’t real  

Bonus Content

Our thoughts on the confederacy foolishness. 

#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

God Bless America