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EMA Artist Spotlight – DJ Kmor

In this episode of the EMA Artist spotlight, I got the chance to talk to DJ Kmor. He talked about the crazy party he DJ’d the night before our interview, the first time he did acid and gave some good advice about what it takes to succeed. Tune in.

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EMA 113 – Jay-Z Gives Big Sean a Roc Chain

Nicki Minaj got into a public spat with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. She accused them of using her name without compensating her. We wanted to know if she would’ve been treated differently if she were a man. Cherry Poppins from the Officially Street Podcast came on as a guest to[…]

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African American Express

Welp, day two of Black History Month allegedly being called African American History Month by the despot who is president. Ugh what a trash bag! No no nope. I’m not letting him infiltrate our time. Let’s focus on the joy shall we? So, Beyonce rescued most of us from the[…]

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Lights Camera Action!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I wanted to be Hype Williams when I grew up. But Little X now know as just X became his protege instead of me. Whomp Whomp. Point being, I have always love a good video. I would listen to songs and imagine[…]

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EMA 111 – Chrisette Michelle Sings for Donald Trump

In this episode of the show, we talked about Chrisette Michelle and her performance for Donald Trump. We also talked about Makonnen coming out of the closet and after that, we covered the Troy Ave/Taxstone situation…smh. Per usual, we have #GAF(Give a F*ck) and #YOTW(Yams of the week). Thanks for[…]

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I Love You and I’m Not Dead

It was a Wednesday night, and  I was headed to bed. Honestly, I may have already been in bed. This was before I matriculated into full washdom, so it was likely 10:30-10:45pm. Nowadays I rarely see anybody’s 1030pm on a weeknight. Quiet as kept on a weekend too if the[…]

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