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Dear Black History,

What up? How have you been? I hope this note finds you in good spirits. With everything on your schedule for the month I wasn’t sure if we would get to link up. I know February is a busy month for you.

This Sunday, you have the Superbowl. I can’t wait to see Cam on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Mannings, they are a piece of Americana, but Cam Newton is so unapologetically black it comforts my soul in a way I didn’t know needed soothing until he showed up. Can you imagine his post Superbowl win interview? Delightful.

I know you have the Grammys the following week. Listen, I’m not gonna talk about your people like that but the Grammys always acting funny. It seems ya’ll always have some kinks to iron out. Knowing good and well they love you. You manage your friendships how you see fit, but you know.

You already have the Primary’s getting a move on it. I know its early, but this is gonna be some bullshit I can already tell. Who’s gonna miss Barack more me or you? You probably, you so sentimental.

Looks like you have plans to end the month with your Oscar folks. I’m here for Chris, all day, but this is normally a snooze fest. They mismanage that show horribly every year. But again I’m not gonna talk about folks that you are kind enough to host during your month. But you know.

Remember when we acted out our top five favorite Martin scenes. “What does GTD stand for Tommy?!” Or the time we had heated discussions about Uber digitizing the bootleg. They really took the bootleg and made it a billion dollar company.

Twitter was nice with the black fist emoji. That was cute. I love how everyone posts facts whether widely or little known all over social media for you. It’s nice when people show you love. No surprise to me, you’ve always been dynamic and culture shifting.

No biggie about getting together this month. I know better than to try and get together in your high season. It’s every day 24/7 so I’ll catch you next month.