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EMA 27 – The Best of EMA Vol 1

ema 27


We took half a break this week.

I say “half” because I still had to hold down the hosting duties. Shmell me?

So peep, We’ve done 26 shows already (half a year) and we’ve racked up some good times in EMA studios.

We’ve put together a bunch of clips and packed it all into one show for your listening pleasure.

So you might be thinking “I’ve heard all the shows already, why would I listen to this clip show foolishness”. Well, I’d tell you think of it this way… you know when you cop a dvd and it has the audio commentary as a feature? It allows you to get the point of view of the content producer. Well that’s what’s going on in this show. I’ll be doing audio commentary introducing each segment. How could you NOT want that?…Be real with yourself.

Anyway, #PressPlayLikePuff my g, and find the show on Twitter and tell us if you liked the clip show.