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EMA 26 – What’s Beef, Iggy Wins Big and BET Nominations


How long is too long for rappers to be beefing? We talked about this because Jim Jones was in the media recently taking shots at French Montana. Someone he had “beef” with years ago.

Also on this show, we talk about the fact that Iggy (top 5, dead or alive) won the Billboard Music Award for best Rap Artist. Crazy right? But Rozay actually sheds a little light on why this might have happened.

Speaking of awards, BET announced their nominations recently so we talked about some of the categories on their show. I, for one, would like to know why the eff is Trina nominated…smh. Whatever.

Peep below for a special #YOTW this week. It’s a video, rather than a picture. I’m sure you’ll like it. Of course we got #GAF and other random foolishness.

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Big Therm was xtra saucy




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Jimmy talking shit about French Montana

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flav mugshot

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#YOTW (Yams of the Week)


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