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P.Diddy and Lil Kim

Bad Boy Reunion at the BET Awards was CRAZY!

P.Diddy and Lil Kim




So I’m chillin’ yesterday when my dude Collie hit up the EMA Chatroom on some “yo, ya’ll watching the BET Awards”?



As you can see, I was like “Nah” and jHabs28 was like “Nah”.

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Anyway, I do a hip hop show weekly and I actually FORGOT them shits was even on. We even talked about The BET Award Nominations back on Show 26. Terrible, I know. But i figured if anything crazy goes down, I’ll just catch it online the next day.

Well, what the eff…something DID go down. Puff pulled off a Bad Boy reunion on stage that was CRAZY! I wish I woulda saw it live, but day-after-on-internet works for me. It was quick as f*ck, but it was dope as f*ck! It started with Puff coming out to the “baaaaad boooooy, come out and play” shit that we all know, then Mase came out. After that 112 came out, then Faith, then Jada and Sheek Louch. I think the dopest part of the whole joint was shots of the crowd rockin’ with the performance. If you’re old enough to remember when Puff was running everything during the 90s, you would definitely be on your feet jumping up and down if you were in attendance.

So like I said, he had Jada and Sheek rockin’ to the Benjamins joint when all of a sudden, Lil Kim floats out of the floor. Yeah…she floated out of the floor, my g. I don’t know how she did that. Anyway, when she came out, everybody went NUTS!

I can’t front, Kim was my favorite part of the whole shit and I’m not even a big fan of hers. She just put the icing on the cake by coming out of the ground in that pose she’s famous for. You know the pose I’m talkin’ about.

To top it all off, Puff performed some new shit with Pharrell called Finna Get Loose. You can cop Get Loose on iTunes here.



Yo, I tried to told Rose and J-Boss on Show 23 that Puff’s world tour was gonna be crazy for the simple fact that he can bring ANYONE out in ANY city. At the time of this writing, there are no dates set yet for the tour. I imagine that shit will sell out quick especially with this promotional type performance from the Bad Boy Family. I see what you’re doing Puff.


Peep the video here (courtesy of BET)

Did you think the performance was crack? or Nah?
Or do you even #GAF?
Lemme know in the comments.

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