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Welp, day two of Black History Month allegedly being called African American History Month by the despot who is president. Ugh what a trash bag! No no nope. I’m not letting him infiltrate our time. Let’s focus on the joy shall we?

So, Beyonce rescued most of us from the despair of planning what quadrant we would be assigned to in the hunger games with her pregnancy announcement. Thanks girl I cant speak for everyone but I needed that. Some joy on the first day of our month.

The Oscars said “ya’ll ain’t gonna tell us we so white again!” and nominated all the blacks the year. Go blacks! That didn’t happen this month but I’m still including it because I want to. Looking forward to Marsherla looking fine on my television giving his acceptance speech. Am a bad person for being happy he has black wife? Probably, but it does make me happy. Also, I’m totally ashamed to admit this but I called Hidden Figures Hidden Fences when I was talking to my grandma. Oops. On February 3rd the James Baldwin documentary “ I Am Not Your Negro” comes out and I am ecstatic to see it. I’ve also heard “Get Out” is a must see. If you’re not hip its a horror film by Peele of “Key & Peele” about what happens to a black man when he goes to meet his white girlfriend’s family. Now, I was never into Key & Peele, didn’t tickle my fancy, but I did enjoy them during their stent on Fargo. Great show if you haven’t seen it, but back to us. We made a lot of headway this season via film and television. I’m happy to see us everywhere.

So color me surprised Mr. Clean is black too now! Tuh! Well, to be honest I always thought he was of color. I thought he was Desi. But I’ll take that too, magic erasers are actual magic.

I have to listen to Solange a lot to get through the day. God bless her for making that album. It lifts me when I’m down and supports me when I’m about to tell a white person at work they can get the fuck on. Thanks Solo. Actually, thanks Miss Tina for raising these two amazing women, and more importantly insisting on being called Miss Tina like any black mother would. If you use your googles there is a video of a paparazzi yelling “Tina Tina” to her and quick as a flash she tells him “It’s MISS Tina!” God bless black women. All of us. Also she has a instagram video of her dancing to “drag em in the river” a.k.a “ Bad Ass Yellow Boys” and from that moment I pledged my heart and mind to her.

It’s still early, so I’m sure there is plenty of black excellence to come. Not that we are ever in a short supply because we are amazing, we’re dynamic, we’re the strongest, we’re the fastest, we’re the best! twenty points for whomever can name that tune. I don’t want to give the annoying orange any shine but he is a grade A idiot. Did you see his Frederick Douglas comment? He definitely thought he was alive. What a asshat.

Anyhoo, fight the good fight. Protect your sanity, and stay safe. We’re not in Kansas anymore.