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A Festivus for the Rest of us

A look into Wale’s “Festivus”Mixtape


Before I get started, I don’t review anything before I’ve heard it 5-10 times.   Pardon the delay, but I hope this gives u a lil’ insight on the tape.  Enjoy!

Intro – Typical Seinfeld reference introducing us to the origin of the “Festivus” Holiday.

Wale Gives us bars on this track… “You got no pull like you rolling up your cigars tight”, but this beat and song structure seem very Rick Ross to me.  A couple well placed deep breaths and an “uuungh” would’ve made this track hot.  Ross would’ve murked it.  Wale, Not so much…

Blood Money – Yo, Wale, Nah bro…Just nah.  Wale flows on this joint but this again is almost obviously not a track for him.  Ferg gets off, but it’s not a fit for Wale.  It’s clearly forced.


The Mixtape starts here for me…

Loyalty – This track gives you the emotional, ever in his feelings ass Wale that we’ve all grown to know and love.  Not as much wordplay and tongue flipping (pause) here, but Wale gives us a glimpse into how he feels about fake friends and the bullshit surrounding his fame.  He’s “on some fuck the game that made me rich”. Dew Baby? No.  This is clearly a filler.  Fat Trel? “I put my tongue all in her butt, it’s a wrap” Meh… His verse did push me to give a quick listen to “Gleesh“.  Worth a listen.  Not more than 1, but if you’re bored on a Monday evening writing a Wale review, check it out.

Girls on Drugs – A lil’ poetry from Mr. Folarin takes me back to “Attention Deficit“.  If you haven’t heard Attention Deficit, you are doing yourself a disservice.  I fuck with that Wale.  He’s just good at talking through his “love” life and I thoroughly enjoy this “singy” shit.  Wale addresses the lifestlye of a groupie or “groupieesque” bird.  If you’re offended, Oh…

Tonight – Wale does not lose when he gets one of his boys to croon while his other man bangs on some nearby garbage can lids.  This go-go, PG, MoCo, DC flow is Wale’s lane.  He’s on this track on cruise control, doing the speed limit with the lane assist and his hands at 10 and 2.  Too easy.  Lay up, Wale, lay up.


  1. I love an “ingnant” ass intro where a dude just talks his shit.
  2. If you don’t bump anything else, bump this.
  3. Wale Kills
  4. Pusha T Kills
  5. “Fuck You…Let em drown”

Keep it Moving – This is Ab-Soul’s song feat. Wale.  Must be a typo.  This shit feels so TDE.  It may be Ab-Soul’s voice that gives me that feel.  Wale holds his own.  Ab owns the song.  Great?  Chill.  Solid track?  Yeah.

Friendship Heights – Did I say I like this emo, hoes make me happy but they’re still hoes Wale?  Oh… “I always fall for bitches like you”.  This track also opened my ears to Chance the rapper.  “Chain Smoker“.. Different but I like it…. Back to MMGenius…

Chess – Seinfeld drops jewels…Wale follows suit.  Don’t listen for punchlines here.  Stay close to the lyrics and expect a lil knowledge.   “In the grand scheme of life, we like pieces on a board.  Look inside yours.  You a king? Or a pawn?”

Ab Icee Juggin – I like the hook… :-/

Nar-ciss her/Spaceships – In case you’re reading this review backwards or skimming through my hard work (READ MY SHIT B!), when Wale talks women, he wins.  He won here.  Wale the poet shows up on Spaceship and I fuck with that guy.

Overall, solid project.  Wale, like many other talented artists use mixtapes to explore other styles, flows, beats etc.  I’m assuming that’s due to the absence of the approvals and red tape necessary to clear tracks for an album on a major label.  Wale must know that his new fans want “Bad” “Lotus Flower Bomb” & “The Body” (Currently my shit!!!) and his older fans love him for “Chillin‘” and “Pretty Girls“.  Much respect for the bravery necessary to ride down other avenues but… you’re good at what you’re good at.

Festivus gets 3.75 outta 5.