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EMA 50 – 50 and Ross in an IG War, K.Michelle’s Ass and Outkast Misses the Super Bowl

WTF is going on between Rick Ross and 50 Cent? They were engaged in Instagram war. J-Boss asked us if hip hop was still a real n!gga sport  because of this.

K.Michelle says that she doesn’t want her ass anymore. It’s too big and steals all of the attention. She’s going to have it deflated (remove the injections, if you will). J-Boss asked us if this will start a trend…or nah? We completely derailed the question, however. Forgive us.

Finally, we talk about Big Boi from Outkast saying that Dre cost them a Super Bowl appearance at one pernt in their career. We answer the question “should Dre have sacrificed the music so they could perform”.