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5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Single People with Kiki

I don’t want you to spend Valentine’s day alone, just because you’re single. Kiki from the Cocktales podcast doesn’t want you to either. So she is back on the show and this time she’s giving all the single folks Valentine’s day advice. Last time she was on, she gave us some great tips on how to survive cuffing season. The reason I always have Kiki on is because she gives good, practical advice. Not the clickbait nonsense you see online all the time.

So anyway, here are the tips she gave:

5 – Catch up with your family

You know those family members that you’re cool with, but you find you only keep up with them via social media? Well, if they’re single, now’s the perfect time to catch up with them. Give them a call and tell them you’re coming over on Valentine’s day. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t show up empty handed either. Bring something to eat or drink or both.

4 – Check up on your New Year’s resolutions

So remember those goals/plans/resolutions you had at the beginning of the year? How are they going? If they’ve fell off the radar, dust them off and review them. Where are you slipping? Whatever it is, get to it. Pick one resolution and choose to give it extra energy on Valentine’s day. You should probably incorporate someone, because the aim is to not have you spend Valentine’s day alone.

3 – Netflix and chill with friends

This is a good one for the single folks (ladies mostly). Just get together and binge the hell out of some Netflix series. Or hell, make it an Amazon night. I heard Sneaky Pete is good (I got bored after like two episodes though). Don’t watch any Valentine day shows though. That might just depress/upset you.

2 – Go out (non romantically) and party

Find a club or house party and go have a good ass time. This one might be a little risky because there might me some non-single folks looking to party on Valentine’s day. What you might need to do is look specifically for a singles party. Grab some friends and go. So not only will you not have to spend Valentine’s day alone, but you might even find someone you can celebrate next Vday with (this is a stretch, but just go with it).

6 – Go out (non romantically) in a more relaxed environment

So for those that don’t like to party/club, there are lounges and the like for you. These are places that will get you out the house, but in environments where you can actually have a convo with someone without having to scream over music. Again, it’s possible you might run into couples with this one, but just do your homework before you decide to head out.

There you have it. I hope you take heed and try these things out. Big shouts to Kiki for coming through and chatting it up.

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